I'm new to IIS and ASP.NET so please excuse that in advance.

We have an ASP.NET application that references a Managed C++/CLI DLL that has various unmanaged C++ dependencies. The Managed DLL is deployed to the application's bin folder, and the unmanaged DLLs live in a subfolder of bin/.

When I do a full iisreset (or reboot the server), I get an ASP.NET warning of an unhandled exception in the event log. From there, I get the exact same exception whenever I run the code which requires the Managed DLL.

However...the problem vanishes as soon as I touch anything in the bin/ folder. From then on, the code that uses the Managed DLL works perfectly. Until the next IIS reset.

Any thoughts or pointers are appreciated. Obviously I'm looking for



For posterity, I work with Ryan, and this was resolved.

We narrowed down the issue by realizing that touching files within the Application Site directory ("served" directory) triggers an Application Restart. We found a Global.asax.cs file that listens to the Application_Start ASP.NET lifecycle event, and there was an error within that listener. Source.

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