i have a bunch of apache servers behind a IIS, each server have one site running and the subdomain redirect from IIS to Apache is working fine with URL rewriter + ARR, like below:

a.company.com >> |IIS| >> apache_server_a (
b.company.com >> |IIS| >> apache_server_b (
c.company.com >> |IIS| >> apache_server_b (

But one of my apaches have 5 client sites, he use virtual host. How i can redirect the request that IIS receive for those five sites to Apache without changing the URL?

client1.com    -----
client2.com >> |IIS| >> apache_with_virtual_hosts (
client3.com    -----

Obs:. IIS does not stay on same machine that apache servers


I think you should add DNS A records to map the subdomains name to the IP address (IPv4) of the computer with Apache hosting. then virtual host in apache would handle the rest. as you config each subdomain.

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