I have installed the official .net core docker container from Microsoft with the followed commands on my debian machine:

docker pull microsoft/dotnet:latest


docker run -it microsoft/dotnet:latest

Then I wanted to make a new test website

mkdir test

cd test

dotnet new -t web

dotnet restore

dotnet run

Then I committed the changes:

docker commit 0240ad83aae4 dotnet_core

And made a port forwarding, so I could access the website from outside the docker container.

docker run -itp 8080:5000 dotnet_core:latest /bin/bash

But when I try to access the website over port 8080 nothing happened.

Could anyone help me?

  • When I try to access localhost over port 5000 in the .net core docker container over curl it works. But when I try to connect from outside the docker container over port 8080 it does not work, although I made portforwarding. – Wubi Nov 25 '16 at 8:04

I found the solution I added the line


to the main method

in the "Program.cs" file

Now it works.


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