I have a poweredge r415. There are 4 front-bays, 2 of which are occupied by 300gb SAS drives configured in a raid0 array.

I would like to add a SATA drive to the third bay so that I can perform backups to it; so it would not be part of the RAID array and would be seen as /dev/sdb or whatever by the OS.

I already have a drive and a caddy lying around and have installed it but cannot see it in the OS.

I assume this is because of the backplane and raid controller and am starting to think this isn't possible.

Is this possible? Do I need to enabled a specific 'sata port' in the bios?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


The new drive should be configured within the RAID card for it to be seen by the OS. This operation can be done in many ways, however installing Dell OpenManage Server Administrator is probably an easy solution.

The configuration you should assign to a single disk is RAID 0.

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  • Thanks! I created a live usb with OMSA but I don't see the sata drive under 'storage' in OMSA. Trying to create a new virtual disk says there is no space available. – user3228313 Nov 27 '16 at 16:39
  • What do the status lights on the caddy say ? – sfk Dec 1 '16 at 11:50

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