My project is just a WordPress installation deployed to Google App Engine Standard Environment.

According to the list of features, Datastore is not available for PHP, however I can see some Cloud Datastore entries in the Resources card on the project's App Engine dashboard, as you can see here and its' amount grows little by little.

Cloud Datastore dashboard shows me that I have no datastore entries.

I know, I could disable writes to datastore from the Google Cloud Console or even completely deactivate Cloud Datastore API for the project — what I definitely would do if it keeps growing — but I want to understand the causes of these datastore entries and maybe its contents if possible.

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    Have you tried a support ticket? – ceejayoz Nov 30 '16 at 4:41
  • @ceejayoz, no I'm my support level is Bronze, so I have only billing support. – Petr Razumov Nov 30 '16 at 4:48

You can use the Datastore Entity console to see the different Entity Kinds that are being saved to your project. Other Google Cloud products that you are using may also use the Datastore to save information; not just your App Engine app via the Datastore API.

If you see Kinds with names beginning with '_AE' or '_GAE' these denote project-level metadata that are being saved. If you do not see any Datastore Kinds, I ask that you open an Issue Report with your project ID so that we can investigate deeper.


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