The main task of the analyzer - referring sites, referrers URLs. Logs are collected in one place from 3 nginx server. I install awstats with a specific parameter LogFormat - all working fine, but the customer was not enough, we need statistics referring site and referrers URLs per day, awstats provides only for a month.

I found project goaccess, but again, in the demo, I did not see the possibility of statistics for a day (or a certain period).

logstash + elasticsearch + kibana - never work with this soft, i need solution as fast as can)

Please, advise me the solution, thank you)


Does Piwik cover your needs? You can download it for free from https://piwik.org/

  • Perfectly. Judging from the demo it's good for me, because they have a plugin log analyzer instead of the JS code. Thank you very much! – Kostiuk Aleksandr Nov 30 '16 at 12:17

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