I need to allow domain users (userid and password) access to a Centos 7 server, as well as local users (SSH key/passwordless). I have configured sshd_config with both AllowUsers and AllowGroups and assumed that if I added the local user to those it should work. However, I'm getting an error when local users try and login:

sshd[23906]: pam_sss(sshd:account): Access denied for user datahub_push: 10 (User not known to the underlying authentication module)
sshd[23906]: fatal: Access denied for user datahub_push by PAM account configuration [preauth]

The domain users work just fine and have an entry under AllowGroups in sshd_config. After some googling there is a suggestion that I need to modify:


...but I'm not sure of what to change and whether editing that file is best practice? i.e. should I use the authconfig tool instead.

Any help hugely appreciated.


I fixed it myself! I added the following line to


account    sufficient   pam_localuser.so

After a restart to sshd I am now able to login as a domain user and a local user. Here's the full, working file:

auth       required     pam_sepermit.so
auth       substack     password-auth
auth       include      postlogin
# Used with polkit to reauthorize users in remote sessions
-auth      optional     pam_reauthorize.so prepare
account    sufficient   pam_localuser.so
account    required     pam_nologin.so
account    include      password-auth
password   include      password-auth
# pam_selinux.so close should be the first session rule
session    required     pam_selinux.so close
session    required     pam_loginuid.so
# pam_selinux.so open should only be followed by sessions to be executed in the user context
session    required     pam_selinux.so open env_params
session    required     pam_namespace.so
session    optional     pam_keyinit.so force revoke
session    include      password-auth
session    include      postlogin
# Used with polkit to reauthorize users in remote sessions
-session   optional     pam_reauthorize.so prepare

Hope this helps someone else :)

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  • It doesn't work for me (Centos7). Even though smb.conf uses security = ads and I can see that I'm joined to AD, I can't log in with any domain account. However, with your change I can log in via SSH with the local account. Without your fix, I couldn't log in via SSH with either. – bgmCoder Mar 18 '19 at 1:54
  • Check you /etc/nsswitch.conf file. The passwd: line should contain files and ldap. Ex: passwd: files nis ldap – Scottie H Mar 19 '19 at 14:19

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