We have a github repository which is configured to point to nordible.com:

enter image description here

Hitting nordible.github.io successfully lands to nordible.com.

So, we've successfully connected a github website to a custom domain!

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The domain nordible.com is with GoDaddy.

Now, what steps shall we take at GoDaddy side to make nordible.com show the pages from nordible.github.io?

We noticed that, there are ways to redirect a domain to a specific Github page. However, we need a direct non-redirecting way of doing this?


You need to remove the A dns zone record for nordible.com. with value and add two A records: first with, then You can add extra subdomains for pointing to GitHub Pages adding a CNAME record using nordible.github.io for value.

According to the current content, be sure that in GitHub Pages setup you specified master as the source branch.

See also Setting up an apex domain and Using a custom domain with GitHub Pages for wider explanation.


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