I would like to know if someone know an easy fix for that:


I publish XenDesktop's desktop, and I'am migrating an XenApp farm from version 6 to 7.9. (my xendesktop's farm is already migrated to 7.9)

Now on the Wyse, the user see their application and their desktop. (and I don't want that!)

That way it's seen:

enter image description here


In the printscreen from the wyse direct, we just see Microsoft Word, but I have over 50 published app, I can't fill the desktop with all of them.

Via the DHCP I push the website to connect (/desktopappliance), and on the Web Interface I just list the Desktop Delivery Controller, not any XenApp ressource.

Now with 7.9 and StoreFront, my Web Interface seem broke to only list desktop ressourceg., anyone know a quick tip to remove all Apps and to list only Desktop for my /desktopappliance website ?

Right now I'am checking all config inside /desktopappliance, like WebInterface.conf and web.config, but nothing seem to do the trick.


For the posperity, I found a answer to my problem;

On your FTP /Wyse/wnos/ .ini

Add that new option into SessionConfig=ICA


The final line in my case look like that;

SessionConfig=ICA mapdisksunderz=yes Smartcards=no Ondesktop=Desktops

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