I am running OpenVPN client on my dedicated server to connect the server to a private network. Last week, the service (i.e. OpenVPN) disconnected itself and we did not realise until our customers started to ring us. I don't know the reason why it disconnected, Now I want to set up email alert as soon as the OpenVPN disconnects. How can I do that ? Can anyone help please.

By the way, the server is running CentOS 6.8

Thank you.

  • There are so many monitoring solutions to chose from ... – Gerald Schneider Dec 7 '16 at 9:32
  • I know I can use Monit, Pingdom, SIM (System Integrity Monitor), Host-Tracker, Nagios etc. But I am looking for a simple script locally!! – AL̲̳I Dec 7 '16 at 9:44

I have successfully set up one myself with these three steps

  1. Follow this or find your own guide to configure the script for email notification

  2. Open /etc/openvpn/server.conf and append the following lines

    script-security 2
    client-disconnect /path/to/script
  3. Finally chmod 755 /path/to/script

Edit: Sorry, I misread your question. Add the two lines below to client.conf. This method is preferable over cronjob as it is almost instantaneous and doesn't flood you with mail

    script-security 2
    down /path/to/script
  • Your answer is correct but I am not running the OpenVPN server, I am only running client, please see my answer – AL̲̳I Dec 15 '16 at 11:50

I have managed to write a simple script to check if the service is running, if not, restart the service and send email. Here is the simple code

filename checkprocess.sh


# timestamp
ts=`date +%m-%d-%Y_%H:%M:%S`

if pgrep "openvpn" > /dev/null
    echo "$ts: OpenVPN running..." >> /etc/openvpn/myscript/processcheck.log
    echo "$ts: openvpn not running, restarting..." >> /etc/openvpn/myscript/processcheck.log 
    /etc/init.d/openvpn start > /dev/null >> /etc/openvpn/myscript/processcheck.log

    if pgrep "openvpn" > /dev/null
        echo "$ts: openvpn started OK..." >> /etc/openvpn/myscript/processcheck.log
        echo "OpenVPN service went down, the service has been restarted." | mail -s "OpenVPN went down" email@domain.com
        echo "$ts: openvpn not started..." >> /etc/openvpn/myscript/processcheck.log
        echo "OpenVPN service is down, the server is trying to restart the service." | mail -s "OpenVPN is down" email@domain.com

put this file in /etc/openvpn/myscript and edit the cronjob

#crontab -e 

Add the following line to run the script every 5 minutes

*/5 * * * * /etc/openvpn/myscript/checkprocess.sh

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