I have Nagios running and monitoring devices by snmp. I need to monitor bandwidth usage of a Linux server interface and send an alert when its below from 100kbps of usage. Are there any plugin to do this? All the plugins i found are the opossite situation: alert when high bandwidth usage. Its important to do it by snmp.

Thanks !

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    That's a weird request. Can you give more detail on why this is needed? – ewwhite Dec 7 '16 at 13:41
  • its an interface that sniff traffic. We need to know if the bandwidth usage its below than certain value because means there is some problems. – krak0v Dec 7 '16 at 13:53

Check improved plugin check_snmp_netint.pl (version 2.36) of standard nagios plugin (check_snmp_int.pl) at http://william.leibzon.org/nagios/

You can specity traffic range similar to nagios format ("-" instead of ":"): -w 10-500,20-800 -c 5-700,1-900

it fire up alarms if traffic input bill be below 5 and over 700 and so on


Any plugin that supports the standard Nagios threshold format can do low- or high-threshold alerts.

Edit: For example, the thresholds for "warn < 900, crit < 20" would be -w 900: -c 20: (if the plugin follows the spec).

  • I'm testing check_snmp_int.pl plugin. I found an example but for high traffic, I dont know how to modify the command for warning when its below 900kbps and critical when its below 20kbps ./check_snmp_int.pl -H xx.xx.xx.xx -C community eth1 -k -w100,50 -c0,0 – krak0v Dec 15 '16 at 16:32
  • i think check_snmp.int.pl plugin doesnt use standard Nagios thresholds format. I did it but always check for high traffic, even if i put 900: I need another plugin... – krak0v Dec 16 '16 at 13:39

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