I'm in urgent need of help. My website is down and I don't know where to begin troubleshooting.

I have a GoDaddy domain and am running an AWS EC2 instance.

The Issue:

  • When I try to access the website from my chrome browser, it keeps loading, and keeps saying "Waiting for www.xyz.com...". In my Developer Tools window, I do not see any request being sent to the URL.

  • I am able to connect to my EC2 instance via terminal and see the server running live. No request is being received.

Where could the problem be? How do I check where the request is failing?

Any help would be appreciated.

++++++++++ BELOW IS THE TRACEROUTE Results ++++++++++++++

traceroute to www.xyz.co (xx.xx.xx.xx), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

1               *   *   *

2   core22.hetzner.de de  0.188 ms         
core21.hetzner.de de  0.246 ms    0.251 ms

3   core1.hetzner.de de  4.909 ms         
core4.hetzner.de  de  4.871 ms     
core1.hetzner.de de  4.909 ms

4   juniper4.ffm.hetzner.de  de  4.948 ms    4.956 ms     

5   ae1-710.fra20.core-backbone.com   de  4.960 ms    4.974 ms    4.982 ms

6   ffm-b4-link.telia.net      4.985 ms    5.020 ms    5.026 ms

7   ffm-bb3-link.telia.net        5.455 ms         
ffm-bb3-link.telia.net        5.545 ms     
ffm-bb4-link.telia.net        5.459 ms

8   nyk-bb4-link.telia.net       99.212 ms        
ffm-b1-link.telia.net      5.777 ms     
nyk-bb1-link.telia.net      93.229 ms

9   chi-b21-link.telia.net     116.821 ms       
ffm-bb4-link.telia.net      104.857 ms   
chi-b21-link.telia.net        123.398 ms

10  hbg-bb1-link.telia.net       12.153 ms        
hbg-bb1-link.telia.net       12.160 ms    
sea-b1-link.telia.net       162.375 ms

11  amazon-ic-307566-sea-b1.c.telia.net       164.111 ms       
kbn-bb4-link.telia.net      24.006 ms    
amazon-ic-307566-sea-b1.c.telia.net       164.111 ms

12  nyk-bb1-link.telia.net        96.662 ms   *   *

13              *   *   *

14  sea-b1-link.telia.net      163.699 ms  164.885 ms  167.923 ms

15  amazon-ic-307562-sea-b1.c.telia.net      166.730 ms  *    
amazon-ic-302506-sea-b1.c.telia.net      164.407 ms

16              *   *   *

17              *   *   *

18              *   *   *

No reply for 3 hops. Assuming we reached firewall.

  • Did you checked security group settings? Dec 9, 2016 at 8:49
  • What is the URL to the website? Was this ever working?
    – Tim
    Dec 9, 2016 at 8:53
  • Yea my security group settings seem to be fine. The site has been running properly, using the same settings. Suddenly this morning, I'm unable to reach it. Dec 9, 2016 at 8:54
  • What OS is running? What troubleshooting have you done other than noticed it is spinning?
    – Tim
    Dec 9, 2016 at 9:01
  • @UtkarshSinha, if you are sure the server is ok, then you need to check the connectivity to the server. Is it publicly visible on port 80 (try a simple telnet for example)? Can you reach it over internet with hostname/ip on any other service (ssh for example)? Is the name resolution working correctly? Can you reach outside world from the server?
    – Diamond
    Dec 9, 2016 at 9:09

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Since the traceroute is resolving IP, I think it is not a DNS issue. To confirm check what @mzhaase suggested in comments. Also try

telnet www.xyz.com 80

telnet IP-Address 80 (assuming that your website runs in port 80).

Normally the issue related to "Waiting for www.xyz.com..." is due to the server limit in the webserver ie Maxclients in apache. It is the maximum amount of requests that can be served simultaneously, with any number going past the limit being queued and the user will get "Waiting for www.xyz.com..." kind of a message.

A rough googling gives me these link which might help you to tweak apache link1 and link2. It is better to contact your hosting provider to do this if you are not used with apache configuration.

This link will help you get more clarification about connections in apache.

NOTE that if this is the issue, you might be able to access the website sometimes and sometimes not.


UPDATE - Latest 12Dec2016

Hi all, I had posted an answer previously, which in hindsight seems like an incomplete resolution. My EC2 server actually has Apache2 and DjangoChannels installed on it. It also uses an external Redis Server (separate AWS EC2).

Incorrectness of Previous Resolution : Previously I had restarted the first EC2, which had restarted the Apache2 and the site started getting delivered through Apache instead of Django Channels. I didn't discover this until 2 days later when I noticed that a Django Channels dependent feature on the website wasn't working at all. So I stopped the Apache2 and restarted the DjangoChannels server (Daphne + workers); and I was back to square one.

Final Resolution - REBOOT THE REDIS AWS EC2 : Rebooting the Redis EC2 from the AWS Console, finally resolved the issue. The required configuration of Django Channels server and Redis Server started working. Also my Django Channels dependent feature came back up.


Thanks all for your help. I just resolved the issue.

REBOOT THE AWS EC2: All I did was reboot the AWS EC2 instance from the AWS Management Console. Although I'm not sure what was causing the problem, possibly RAM reached max-utilization.

More info: I had reached out to Amazon, they said there wasn't any outage at their end. So I thought of spinning up a new EC2. Before I did that, I luckily thought "I should probably reboot and check", which worked like a charm.

Do let me know if you have any other guesses why this might have worked, it might help understand the problem better for future instances.

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