I have set up droplet on Digital Ocean (Ubuntu, nginx, php 5.6 and mysql) and I plan on running a Wordpress site. The site has a register/login/notification feature that will require sending out emails occasionally, max 100 emails per day.

Is it possible to use the free Zoho SMTP service for this? I know it should work in theory, I'm interested in practical experience.


This is really a question for Zoho support. It's also very easy for you to try, just sign up for a free account and try it out.

However, yes, you can very likely use Zoho SMTP to send Wordpress emails, or any other SMTP service. Alternately AuthSMTP is a service I've used in the past. I use SSMTP to deliver email to my email server - tutorial here.

Zoho seems to allow 200 emails to be sent each day.

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