I think there are a simple answer for this but I don't find it. We have a haproxy server running and some ssl certificates working fine for some sites, normally I generate the csr with this command(in haproxy):

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout yourdomain.key -out yourdomain.csr

But in this case we buy a UCC SSL Certificate in godaddy and when I provide the csr to generate the certificate the form tell me that csr doesn't has a common name. I was reading, and normally when you use openssl to create a new csr and new key, the command ask you for some data, but not in my case. The question is, Can I still using haproxy to handle the ssl? or I need to generate the csr in the target server? Thanks


Well, after research about haproxy and ucc ssl, I decided to try something, I generate the .csr in another basic server providing the common name when openssl ask for that, I created the certificate in godaddy and then I rekey with the haproxy, not the short way but it's working fine,


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