I have a service running on a Win10 client that looks for a txt file within the program's data directory. With a local data directory, finds it no problem.

With data on the network, it's not finding the file. Log file shows me it's looking in the right location \\server\data but unable to find service.txt in there. If I change properties on the service to run as my windows account instead of Local System, it finds it. So it's a permissions issue of some kind.

I've done as much googling as I can think with no joy, what permissions/attributes should set on from the server on \data to let a service running as system access files within it across the network?
Win 7 machine acting as server, no domain. One thing I found was that permissions in the Sharing tab will take precedence over those in the Security tab when accessed over network, can anyone confirm this?

Tried already: Disabling inheritance and setting security full control: Everyone, Administrators, Users, Network Service
Sharing read/write: Admin, Everyone
Advanced sharing - permissions full control: Everyone, Administrators, Users, Network Service

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You have to give permissions to the machine account of the client. MachineName$ is usually the form that takes. Put this in the ntfs permissions and in the share permissions set everyone full control.

  • Thanks for your response. Trying to add my MachineName$ in the security tab of data folder properties gives the 'an object named 'MachineName$' could not be found' message. Both machines can see each other across the network, can browse IP and UNC both directions. So what am I missing?
    – Graham M
    Jan 3, 2017 at 13:19
  • I should mention, this isn't a domain
    – Graham M
    Jan 3, 2017 at 13:31

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