Apparently the nfs client feature is available for windows 10 PRO but not working according to this thread Any way to make it work?

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NFS's client from windows have finally been updated for Windows 10 PRO.

  So with your latest windows 10 PRO 14393.576, your NFS's client is finally operational in comparison with before like shown in this thread: as stated before by Tom jolly Tom Jolly (Group Software Engineering Manager) in the same thread, they were working on a fix because of problems with the transition from Windows Ultimate and Windows Enterprise 7 to Windows 10 PRO. It has been released in the last update.

  Don't forget to install the nfs client from Windows features (will show some images later). To mount the share you can do it through Explorer like you would do with samba share so 


 or you can do it through command line with mount 

x.x.x.x:/share or \\x.x.x.x\share drive:

  Some things you should know.

  • User permission won't really work out of the box like to would be in Linux. So it is very probable that Explorer accept to map the share but won't accept to enter the share. So begin to set up a share where everybody will be able to write and read. So with chmod -R 777. I guess that the nfs client is not totally implemented.
  • Software like acronis true won't be able to enter the share either because it seems that a whole extended interfaces features have been added to Explorer so guess is that software have to be coded to implement those  yet.
  • Don't be afraid of the big latency that Explorer seems to have in comparison of Linux, again the implementation is not yet perfect.
  • if you map through command line to a drive letter, the mapping won't survive a reboot.

        If anyone else have some new knowledge based on experience or reading about others bugs and possible problems with this NFS's client, please do share.

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