When trying to create a password longer than 16 chars on my Windows 2012 server, it is refused due to the password being to long. I have tried looking for a GPO called "Maximum Password Length" - which i cannot find. The problem might be in: PwdFilt or PCNSFLT. Screenshot of regedit where i Also looked.1

The problem is we need 36 char passwords on the SQL 2014 server we are installing to do encryption.

Any suggestions?

  • Yes I am aware of the limit to AAD and MS accounts but this should not affect when I try to create a user directly in the AD of the Windows 2012 server. Dec 20, 2016 at 13:13
  • A bit dated, but seems to get referenced a lot when researching this question: What is the real maximum password length?. Suggests that up to 127 characters can be entered, but the way in which a masked field displays this information makes it look like you're limited to 32 characters. Disclaimer: Haven't tried this myself.
    – 3N1GM4
    Dec 20, 2016 at 13:50
  • I believe the actual limit is 256 chars, but the Ui limits you to only being able to type 127.
    – Jim B
    Dec 20, 2016 at 14:06
  • I'm also unaware of a policy that sets a maximum password length.
    – Jim B
    Dec 20, 2016 at 14:13

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Im not sure about disabling it, It not sure if you want to degrade security on the server.

Start a command prompt as administrator in windows

Run the following command:

net user MyUser MyPasswordIsReallyLongIs36Characlong /ADD /Y

For a domain user:

net user MyUser MyPasswordIsReallyLongIs36Characlong /ADD /DOMAIN /Y 

Should fix the problem.

  • This could very well be the solution. Let me try it tomorrow and I will get back to you. Dec 20, 2016 at 19:29

Run rsop.msc on the machine that is giving you the issues. Then look under:

Computer Conf > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Account Pol > Password Pol

Under there, it will show you Source GPO that is setting the restriction. Then you can open Group Policy management and find the policy needed.

  • I tried this, but there is no max length pwd pol. Dec 20, 2016 at 19:28
  • Did you also check via launching gpedit.exe on the local machine? The local security policy would be in effect if there were no domain policies. It would be under the same path. Dec 20, 2016 at 23:09

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