I have a single bare metal machine running CoreOS and a bunch of Docker containers, e.g.nginx and gitlab.

nginx should be a reverse proxy for gitlab so it needs to have network connectivity and hostname resolution to the gitlab container.

I used to do this via docker run --name nginx --link gitlab:gitlab ... but that's deprecated and the Docker documentation recommends using Docker's "user defined networks".

I can create one of those with docker network create ... but I want it to be automatically created on boot.

How do I configure that in CoreOS's cloud-config? My first idea was to create a System unit that just runs the command. Is that how it supposed to be done?

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The more CoreOS way of doing this would be a fleet unit, then you can define the dependancies with your other units.

So you might have a fleet unit called mynetwork dependant on docker, and then your nginx and gitlab units would be dependant on mynetwork

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