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I'm currently migrating from a Windows to a Linux environment at work.

Before, when uploading a file in FileZilla, it would have 644 set as permission. Now it uploads as 700.

I'm only finding suggestions regarding server config to change that, but nothing has changed server-side, so there must be an option for client-side configuration as well, right?


After a bit of testing I figured out why it behaves like it does.

Locally, the files are still on a Windows network resource, mounted as 700. On Linux, FileZilla tries to preserve this, on Windows it just sends the file with 666 since it doesn't have Unix-style permissions, wich was modded to 644 by the server umask.

So can I tell FileZilla to not preserve permissions? Otherwise I'll just have to properly mount the samba share.


How do I set default permissions for SFTP for an Ubuntu Server? should do the job ?

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