I've searched extensively and have not found a post with the answer.

If you use Explorer to "Add Network Location", it will add that mapped path under the used drive letters area on the left without a drive letter. Windows Explorer Mapping

Due to having more servers to connect to than there are drive letters, I am trying to script this tedious mapping process into a batch file.

Using net use

net use \\servername\folder /PERSISTENT:Y

The path mapped successfully without using a drive letter. Good!

OK                     \\DC1server\Log     Microsoft Windows Network

But how do I now get those mapped paths without drive letter to appear in Windows Explorer as shown in my image example above?

Thank you in advance.


mklink /D C:\AA_drive \\DC1server\Log

This will create a folder on your C drive called "AA_drive ", which contains the contents of \DC1sever\Log.

(technically "AA_drive" is a symlink, but it acts exactly like a folder)

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