I'm using cdn subdomain. The files are now available at cdn.website.com/uploads/*.(img|png|zip|..).

The old URL structure is cdn.website.com/*.(img|png|zip|..).

This code works fine;

 location ~* ^/.+\.(png|jpg|doc|gif|html|jpeg|zip|rar)$ {
     rewrite ^/(.*) http://cdn.website.com/uploads/$1 permanent;

Routing from the main directory to the "uploads" directory is working properly. But when I open a file on the uploads array, it replicates the "uploads" directory. Example;





Many redirect problem.

How to fix this problem? Thank you for helping.


The location pattern needs to be narrowed down.

location ~* ^/[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+\.(png|jpg|doc|gif|html|jpeg|zip|rar)$ {
     rewrite ^/(.*) http://cdn.website.com/uploads/$1 permanent;

Match requests that start with / and contain any of the following characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _ or - and end with .png, .jpg, .doc, .gif, .html, .jpeg, .zip and .rar. This excludes requests within a sub directory.

Also, haven't tested the regex pattern but that should work.


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