I purchased two Dell MD1000 storage arrays together with a Dell Poweredge 1950 server and need help setting them up (I am a complete novice to SAN/iSCSI).

The Poweredge server has two SAS SFF-8470 connectors. Should the two storage arrays (which have a one *EMM each) be connected via a daisy chain or directly into the Poweredge server?

Also, how does one access Dell OpenManage software? Is it a webgui and can it be accessed remotely or does it need to be accessed from the server itself? I have not turned them on as I am still waiting for delivery.

*EMM: Enclosure Management Module

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    FYI, this is not "SAN" nor *iSCSI. It is actually DAS (Direct Attached Storage) and SAS.
    – sfk
    Jan 2, 2017 at 21:25

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You can stack the MD unit that way; (In the image its 3 MD, but you can see how)

enter image description here

For your openmanage question, yes, it can be used remotly, but be sure to set the routing correctly in the management card. (as some prefer to isolate the management network)

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