Our monitoring stack is Grafana + InluxDB + statsD.

We use it for application monitoring.

We need to add server metrics (CPU, memory, network connections, etc...) to Grafana, so I'm guessing we'll need some agent to collect server metrics and pass to statsD.

Do you know of any agent that can do that? or any other way to implement this?


I've decided to write my own agent to solve this problem.

It's ridiculously easy to deploy and connects to statsd instead of directly to Influx DB.



You can use collectd deamon for system metrics. Use the provided plugins to collect the information you need. To feed into Influx use the network plugin and configure your InfluxDB Server Params.

On the InfluxDB side you will need to create a database for collectd.

enabled = true
port = YOURPORT where COLLECTD is sending the data.
database = "collectd_db"
typesdb = "/opt/collectd/share/collectd/types.db"

restart Influxdb with that config.toml.

Step by STEP can be found here https://anomaly.io/collectd-metrics-to-influxdb/

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