I have 2 windows-servers. I need to run a PowerShell script on server A which will transfer a file (on server A) to server B. What is the best (most secure) way to do this? I found out 2 solutions on the internet and it's not very clear for me what's the difference between them.

Option 1: Copy-Item

Copy-Item -Path \\serverb\c$\programs\temp\test.txt -Destination \\servera\c$\programs\temp\test.txt;

Option 2: PSCP (.exe)

if(!$pass)    {$pass = Read-Host 'Enter Password'}
$pscp         = "`'C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\pscp.exe`'"

"cmd /c ${pscp} -r -pw ${pass} ...

Option 3: Another (better) option..?


The other option is to create a share specifically for exchange between your two servers and by the way, you will can managing authorization on share.

Your second option is fine if your remote host has a SSH server because SCP protocol uses SSH for data transfer.

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