To login with ssh I do this:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/kp1.pem ubuntu@ec2-xxxx.com

I tried all this with mosh:

mosh --ssh='ssh -i ~/.ssh/kp1.pem ubuntu@ec2-xxxx.com'

mosh -i ~/.ssh/kp1.pem ubuntu@ec2-xxxx.com

But I get the error:

/usr/bin/mosh: could not get canonical name for /home/$USER/.ssh/kp1.pem: Name or service not known
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
/usr/bin/mosh: Did not find remote IP address (is SSH ProxyCommand disabled?).

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I ended up needing to run the command like this:

mosh --ssh="ssh -i ~/.ssh/kp1.pem" ubuntu@ec2-xxxx.com

This works, but I also needed to add a rule for port 60001 for mosh to run on in the EC2 management console under security groups.

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