I've just started digging in squid, installed it and run. I suppose it works (from localhost), telnet localhost:3128 works as well as curl https://google.com -x localhost:3182.

I want squid to be accessible from local network. My local network is ( I added the next row to squid.conf just before the last row in http_access section:

http_access allow

Squid stopped working. I leaved only three rows in http_access block so the full section is:

http_access allow localhost
http_access allow
http_access deny all

curl https://google.com -x (called from local network) does not work. But the more frustrating is that previous command, curl http://google.com -x localhost:3128 (called from localhost) also stopped working, that means that the second row somehow affects the first one.

What's the right way to write http_access block in squid?

acl rtfm src
http_access allow rtfm
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