I want to ask the community for feedback on my plan to address the following issue

The issue

When my project first starts as a google app engine, I have assigned www.mycompany.com as the custom domain of the production instance of my GAE app.

As the project grows, we deployed a wordpress powered managed VM in google compute to host blog and other marketing artefacts. The domain name of the wp site is about.mycompany.com

It causes a lot of confusion to users because www.mycompany.com/home will reach the web app, but www.mycompany.com redirects users to about.mycompany.com. Once they reached about.mycompany.com, they have trouble to get back to www.mycompany.com/home

This behaviour of www.mycompany.com is controlled by the yaml file of the google app engine project.

Desired outcome

The subdomain 'blog' should be eliminated

www.mycompany.com/ -> blog/marking site

www.mycompany.com/home -> web app

My proposed solution

  1. Set up a google load balancer to do url mapping
  2. The load balance redirects '/' to the wordpress VM instance
  3. The load balance redirects '/home' to the app engine server which will be moved to app.mycompany.com

Because google load balancer can only redirect to either managed or unmanaged instances within the google compute project, in order to achieve point 3 I will create an instance group of webservers (could be a lighttpd) whose sole responsibility is to redirect all incoming url to the app engine server

enter image description here

Is this feasible? Is there any catch?

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    This question seems more appropriate to the App Engine Google Group and will likely be closed here. I recommended posting your question there. Food for thought, if you really must have all services under one domain/subdomain, I might consider deploying a WordPress docker image as a custom runtime App Engine service and using an external Cloud SQL instance for all the data. This way, WP instances can replicate, data is consolidated and you can use dispatch rules to direct to each service. I look forward to that Groups thread! – Nicholas Feb 2 '17 at 19:12
  • If you've opened a discussion thread on the Google Group, feel free to share a link to it here so that others can follow it through and see what others in the community recommend as a best practice. – Nicholas Mar 9 '17 at 23:36
  • @AnthonyKong Were you able to get this setup working? If so, Please post a self-answer, so to help the community having similar set up and problem. – N Singh Sep 4 '17 at 17:08
  • @NaviAujla No, still haven't figured it out – Anthony Kong Sep 4 '17 at 23:20
  • @AnthonyKong Did you test with you proposed solution? If so, what problems did you encounter? Moreover, I would like you to check out Google container engine which seems be one of the good solution for your deployment which can scale as well. – N Singh Sep 5 '17 at 20:06

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