Secondary DC did not authenticate users after primary DC went down and Once I get this critical error in secondary dns on secondary dc after pdc down Directly.

Event ID 4015 ( The DNS server has encountered a critical error from the Active Directory. Check that the Active Directory is functioning properly. The extended error debug information (which may be empty) is . The event data contains the error.)

  • Is your PDC running SBS? – SamAndrew81 Jan 12 '17 at 18:01

Check DNS client configuration on second controller:

  • If in domain multiple DCs that’s the DNS servers are in a domain environment, recommendation to have all DCs point to ANOTHER/REMOTE DC’s IP address as preferred DNS and then point to it’s private IP address as an alternate DNS.

When first controller crush, DNS client on second needs new DNS server.


Use NLTEST command from client to check if computer is connected to domain

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