It's my first time expercience with multiples networks cards. I have two networks cards on my debian server.

  • card 1: on on a public network,
  • card 2 : on private network

I have edit my /etc/network/interface file with :

  • eth0 : use dhcp (public network)
  • eth1 : use static IP (private network) my interface are up using allow-hotplug

But in fact, eth0 is automaticly attached to the card2 and eth1 to the card1.

I have changed my interface file ( invert eth0 and eth1 conf) but it's not work, i think the cards are randomly attached to interfaces.

How can i configure my cards/interface to force eth0 use only card1 and eth1 use only card2 ?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry for my lack of english.

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You might want to configure udev mappings for your network cards based on their MAC addresses.

Good explanations are provided at debianhelp on udev

  • Thanks for this link, i have add a rules file for rename device ( but this link is not good for debian : SYSFS{address} must be replaced by ATTR{address}. Now it's work perfectly.
    – Pixman
    Jan 19, 2017 at 12:42

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