i am using uwsgi to serve python application. app was using a particular vrsion of falcon python now i upgraded the package by removing it and reinstalling it. but the change is not reflected by the uwsgi server it is still using the older code even when i restart uwsgi. why is this problem coming? i can see older version of code which was generating error in the uwsgi logs


You must restart uWSGI after code changes.

If you are using a virtual-environment:

  • Ensure that you haven't installed falcon globally (deactivate first)
  • Make sure that you've activated the right one, you can use echo $PATH and echo $VIRTUAL_ENV to check sanity.

If it still reads the older version, use pip freeze or pip list to debug your environment. Make sure you have totally uninstalled the older version.

As last resort, delete your virtual-environment and re-create it. If you're not using virtual-environments with Python, start using them.

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