I have set up a gitolite repository specific hook according to the documentation on page http://gitolite.com/gitolite/non-core.html#hooks

I have enabled the repo-specific-hooks feature in the .gitolite.rc file. I have created a directory hooks/repo-specific with the hook script within the gitolite-admin repository and added a option hook.post-receive line to the repo section in gitolite.conf.

Upon pushing the gitolite-admin repository I now get the error message

no files/dirs called 'hooks' or 'logs' are allowed

in the gitolite log and the custom post-receive hook is not set up by gitolite. How do I set up the hook correctly?

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It turned out that the information on the page http://gitolite.com/gitolite/non-core.html#hooks is actually wrong for version 3.6.

The correct setup procedure is described on the page http://gitolite.com/gitolite/cookbook.html#v3.6-variation-repo-specific-hooks

The directory must be created as local/hooks/repo-specific not as hooks/repo-specific.

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