this is my first time auditing and hardening a Windows 2008 server.

I thought that i could query the registry settings on the box using a command like reg query <registery name> . However i didnt realize that local policies i wish to query cannot be done in this way. For example i cant find a way to query the following settings on the system from the command line. My goal is to script some of these settings. I dont wish to use the GUI Local Security Policy Management Console

Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Advanced Audit Policy Configuration\Audit Policies

Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update 

I have around 10 such policies i need to query. I DONT need to edit them. Can someone tell me how to do this query.


You can use Get-GPOReport powershel commandlet to export GPO to xml. And then parse it (for example with Select-XML) to check enabled policy settings.

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