I have a complex case below and I am not an expert with domains at all:
I have a domain in godaddy and it points to Wix website "mydomain.com" also I have a host in "asp.net" and need to use same domain "mydomain.com".

  1. Is it possible to point Wix to "Mydomian.com" and my hosting to "Mydomian.com/admin"?

  2. if we can't do the point #1 is it possible to make a subdomain, Wix use "mydomain.com" and my hosting use "admin.mydomain.com"

In all cases I want to make the domain and subdomains in SSL mode


You Can Act in way 2 Easy. But you Should talk to your ASP host to add a subdomain admin.mydomain.com into your host! Then you can use SSL too! But for the first Way you should do redirects and in that case, you must use another domain to provide your ASP hosting.

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