I have all my users on my domain enabled for Folder Redirection and they all point to the same root path (Basic Redirection). Here are the settings.

I want to move only a subset of those users out to a subfolder of the root path such that i can apply different security permissions on said subfolder (and have them propagate into the users MyDocs folders). I have the user subset in another AD container so i'm set to apply a new GPO but whenever i try to apply another GPO with the new root path, it does not work. When i say 'it does not work' i mean when new users are created, their mapping works and a new folder appears in the subfolder of the old root, just as i like. But i want the existing folders (for those existing users in the subset) to be moved out to to subfolder also - and that does not work. Here are the settings of the new GPO that i'm trying to apply to the subset container.

I dont know how, but for one test user i did get this partially working - i had the user created with only the original GP applied and when i logged the new user on for the 1st time the folder and mapping was created in the old root like it should be. Then i applied the new GPO to a container containing my test user and updated policy on the wkstn and logged on again. Somehow a new folder was created in the subfolder and the contents were copied across. I noted that the old folder was not removed, just flushed of its contents. The new folder was working and mapped with everything contained within. I don't know how i did this and i can't seem to reproduce it.


By using this group-based folder direction i was able to map the paths to the new share and ensure that the existing users were moved correctly from the old location to the new.

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