Lets say I want to have two domains pointing to two different implementations of the same web app:

www.example.com ==> www.example2.com ==>

Is this possible? I'm using IIS over a Window 2012 machine.


This can be handled using host headers in IIS.

In the Connections pane, click the Sites node and select the site for which you want to configure a host header (ex1). In the Actions pane, click Bindings. In the Site Bindings dialog box, select the binding ( for which you want to add a host header and then click Edit or click Add to add a new binding with a host header. In the Host name box, type a host header for the site, such as www.example1.com. Click OK.

For example2 add an additional host header, create a new binding with the same IP address and port, and the new host header. Repeat for each host header that you want to use this IP address and port.

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