Is it possible to connect Point to Point two Hyper-V servers using FC HBA to replicate data without connection to external storage?


This kind of setup model is called hyper-convergence when compute and storage are running on the same hosts.

From my experience, I have never meet FC HBA that could run replication between 2 directly connected hosts. Check specifics of your FC, could it proceed with EoFC. If so, FC could be used for configuration of iSCSI shared storage between nodes since it encapsulates Ethernet packets into Fibre Channel frame.

Check HPE VSA, StarWind Virtual SAN, S2D. Those software solutions allow to configure shared storage mirroring between 2 and more hosts typical Ethernet networks.

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You can use IP-over-FC in theory but keeping in mind 10 GbE is cheap these days I'd a) leave FC to storage, and b) got myself a pair of Mellanox CX4lc to live long and happy life ;)

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