I'm interested in network wide audit info, and after some recommendations:

  • OS (mainly windows; ideally server and workstation)
  • apps (for license tracking)
  • etc

Happy to consider free and commercial (although free covered here) - or even outsourced as a service. Any to love? to avoid?

A pretty wide network, so it would have to be used centrally; walking around with a memory stick is not an option. It is an AD domain, so GP (etc) based options should be OK.


You could also check out Spiceworks, it's free and works pretty well.

  • I make good use of spiceworks myself, it helps and can collect a lot of information. – Shial Nov 9 '09 at 16:19

I been trying to learn and use Splunk for log analyse (also for PCI auditing), I also use Whatsup Gold to monitor and sort of keep an inventory of all our equipment.



Whatsup gold and splunk both install pretty easy on Windows Server environments. However i'm not sure what you would use for key/license management.

Good luck!


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