What is the general check list for every Windows client (Professional, Business, etc.) and Windows Server installation?

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Because I do a lot of cloning in my work, I have created a checklist that I can give ya. Its more of the same that Tim suggested, but also includes some specifics that are nice to have on a client's computer:


  • Windows (with latest SP and updates)
  • Antivirus
  • MS Office (latest available)
  • Firefox
  • Chrome (optional)
  • IE (latest)
  • PDF Reader
    • Foxit (my personal preference)
    • Adobe Reader (not recommended by some Antivirus companies)
  • Adobe Flash (This needs to be installed once in each browser)
  • Java (latest)
  • .Net (latest)


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Misc.

Misc Software

  • Direct X (latest for your operating system)
  • CutePDF (print directly to pdf instead of printer)

Organization Specific Software

  • <Your own list here>


  • Latest Window Media Player
  • Quicktime

In what environment? Production server? Home use? The "checklist" for a given setup will vary pretty widely depending on what you want to do.

In general, though, you should:

  • Secure the installation as soon as you can
    • Get all security patches
    • Install reasonable antivirus/firewall software
  • Get drivers installed for the hardware in the system
  • Get network access working, if applicable
  • Focus on other specific needs for the system (for servers, network services and (optionally) routing; for home use, whatever the user requires it to do)
    • Most systems: Java, Flash (with appropriate security restrictions)
    • For home use: Firefox/Opera/Chrome, MS Office/OpenOffice
    • For servers / production systems: routing (if it's a router), SSH/VPN/HTTP/FTP servers
  • I suspect he is dealing with a corporate environment (Professional or Business edition Windows client). – icelava May 15 '09 at 1:46

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