I follow a guide to prevent spoofed emails in my mail server

first I installed postfix-policyd-spf-perl

apt-get install postfix-policyd-spf-perl

second I added this lines to the smtpd_recipient_restrictions in the main.cf

check_policy_service unix:private/policy

and finally I added these lines at the end of /etc/postfix/master.cf

policy unix - n n - - spawn
user=nobody argv=/usr/bin/perl /usr/sbin/postfix-policyd-spf-perl

but when restart postfix it returns the following error:

/usr/sbin/postconf: fatal: file /etc/postfix/master.cf: line 147: bad field count

What could be wrong?

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I found the error

The lines add to master.cf must be in this way:

policy unix - n n - - spawn<br>
  user=nobody argv=/usr/bin/perl /usr/sbin/postfix-policyd-spf-perl

A leading space is necessary in the second line

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