In my 2016 Active Directory Server in the Group Policy under the Administrative Templates tab I am not getting anything. On my old 2012 AD server there was a plethora of options to choose from. I have downloaded some Secure Host Baseline templates (.admx) files that I would like to import. However, when I try to add these templates it tells me that it only accepts .adm files. The ADM files were used back in Windows Server 2003.


"Import" is accomplished by copying the admx/adml files to %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions folder (the default location) where you will run Group Policy Management Console. The .adml files are copied to %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions\xx-xx, where xx-xx is the language code.

Or if you use a Group Policy Central Store, %systemroot%\SYSVOL\[domain]\Policies\PolicyDefinitions on one of your domain controllers, where it will be replicated to the other domain controllers in your domain. If you have a domain that was upgraded from 2003, the SYSVOL directory may be SYSVOL_DFSR.


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