As far as I know there is/was a limitation for AFS volume name length so one can practically use 22 characters only (we use read only volumes as well so we need to fit into the 31 char limit with adding ".readonly"). Does anyone know if this limit still applies for recent OpenAFS releases and if yes, what is the reason for this limitation other than historic? I would really like to be able to use longer names. (Already asked on superuser.com but realized it fits better here).


AFAIK, the limitation is still present. However, it can be seen here.

Volume ID name space restricted to AFS limits

And and about .readonly character limitation: this link says, that

The maximum length is 22 characters, which can include any alphanumeric or punctuation character. By convention, periods separate the fields in a name. Do not apply the .backup or .readonly extension to a read/write volume name; they are reserved for the Volume Server to add to the read/write name when creating those backup and read-only volumes respectively.

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