I'm attempting to configure a bridge interface on Ubuntu 16.04, templating the /etc/network/interfaces file in order to automatically insert the local NIC, like so:

auto br0
iface br0 inet dhcp
    bridge_ports <interface>

I do not have biosdevname installed, so the interface is showing as ens33 (on my test system), and changes on other hosts; instead of the historic eth0.

I can't use {{ ansible_default_ipv4.interface }} to complete the file, as this will only populate the file correctly on first run - after a reboot, running the playbook completes the file with the bridge br0 port instead.

I've tried a number of different iterations of using the {{ ansible_interfaces }} variable and attempted to match based on the regex en.* (all of these ports will be fixed Ethernet network cards) but none of them correctly populate the file.

The nearest I have come so far is:

- debug: msg={{ ansible_interfaces | map('match','ens.*') | list }}

which outputs

TASK [openvpn : debug] ****************************************************
ok: [] => {
    "msg": [

But I need to be able extract the actual adapter name that matches, not just whether there was a match or not.


- debug: msg="{{ item }}"
  when: "{{ item }} | map('match','ens.*')"
  with_items: "{{ ansible_interfaces }}"

gives this promising output, but for all adapters, not just the one I'm attempting to match:

TASK [openvpn : debug] *****************************************************
ok: [] => (item=lo) => {
    "item": "lo",
    "msg": "lo"
ok: [] => (item=br0) => {
    "item": "br0",
    "msg": "br0"
ok: [] => (item=ens33) => {
    "item": "ens33",
    "msg": "ens33"

Hmm, if you need to get interface name, try:

- debug:
    msg: "{{ ansible_interfaces | select('match','ens.*') | list | first }}"
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    I would go with en.* rather than ens.* as otherwise you will miss interface names like enp2s1. – Michael Hampton Feb 1 '17 at 17:17

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