I have WordPress installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 / IIS 7.5.

I have a custom theme installed via the Dashboard in WordPress and it is a fancy one where there is a section to play with theme settings and add custom CSS.

I have an issue with the Custom CSS bit. My custom CSS doesn't actually show up. So I thought it might be a permissions issues.

I check the permissions and wp-content has IIS_USRS with all permissions granted, but it also had the read only box checked (or a little black square in there) which I un-checked.

readonly checkbox

What does that checkbox do? I've already told the server that IIS_USRS can do read/write to that folder. But if that checkbox is checked, which would the server listen to?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.


A file that is set to read-only cannot be altered. Setting the checkbox on a folder is just a quicker way to apply it to all files in the folder.

The read-only attribute on a file can be unset by anyone with "Write" permissions. It is regarded as a safety-net against inadvertent file changes.

But as long as it is set, the file cannot be altered by anyone including IIS_USRS.

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