I have sett up reverse proxy with Nginx reverse proxy is just working fine as expected. I have another scenario where i need to redirect URL based on matching string using proxy_pass.

ie : http://xx.xx.xx.xx:81/crawlers/587dbbf8e4b0b5cea2c4a49e/execute?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.massimodutti.com%2Fes%2Fhombre%2Faccesorios%2Fbolsas-c1748214p7722308.html%3Fkeyword%3DBANDOLERA%2520PEQUE%25C3%2591A%2520PIEL%2520BURTON%26colorId%3D700&token=5892cf1cf056fa9ac307a39c&

This is the rest call i want if URL contains massimodutti.de so it should be route to german servers using proxy_pass

currently i am blank and searching for solution any help will be highly appreciated...


You should use the nginx map feature to map query arguments into proxy_pass destinations. It works like this:

In the nginx configuration http level, you add a map like this:

map $arg_url $proxyserver {
    default default.server;
    "~\.de" german.server;

where you replace default.server with the domain name for default server and german.server with the domain name for your german server.

Then, you use proxy_pass http://$proxyserver; in your server block for the reverse proxy destination definition.


I have achieved this by adding these lines in my nginx reverse proxy configurations $args is case insensitive searching method it will search ".de" in requested URL and proxy the request.

if ( $args ~ ".de" ) { proxy_pass http://104.xx.xx.xx:80; }

if ( $args ~ ".ca" ) { proxy_pass http://104.xx.xx.xx:80; }

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    This is the wrong way to do it. Look at the answer above, and read this article nginx.com/resources/wiki/start/topics/depth/ifisevil – Tim Feb 9 '17 at 8:29
  • i have tried again didn't working for me either i can't share full logs here Here is my configuration ..... server { listen 80; location ~* massimodutti.de { proxy_pass xx.xx.xx.xx:80 } location / { #if ( $args ~ ".de" ) { #proxy_pass xx.xx.xx.xx:xx; #} – Mansur Ali Feb 9 '17 at 8:50
  • A better match can be achieved by using $arg_url instead of $args. Then nginx will match the url query argument instead of the complete argument string. The most recommended way is described in my answer. – Tero Kilkanen Feb 9 '17 at 22:24

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