When installing an update to Microsoft Team Foundation Server, are the updates cumulative? For example, my currently installed version is TFS 2015 RTM. There are currently 3 updates that have been released after RTM (Update 1, Update 2, and Update 3). Can I just install Update 3 or do I have to install all previous updates in order?

I'm not seeing this addressed on the release page.


Yes they are, but you cant go from any version to any other. If, for example, you are coming from TFS 2010 (or prior) you will need to stage your upgrade through TFS 2013.5.

TFS Upgrade Matrix

  • I was wondering more at the service pack level (or "update" as they're called for TFS) rather than major versions (e.g., going from RTM directly to Update3 without first installing Update1 and Update2). But I assume that's covered by the opening statement "Yes they are." – Daryl Feb 14 '17 at 17:43
  • Correct, unless you have a much older version of TFS. 2015.X = any version of 2015. – MrHinsh - Martin Hinshelwood Feb 14 '17 at 17:45

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