I know it's possible to place a snapshot on a new VM and you'd be able to delete the old if you don't need it anymore, but I was wondering if it's possible to just restore the snapshot on the existing VM? All I can see are the options to create a new one for it.

Surely this isn't speedy at all, as I have to configure the VM again, have to choose a new name, and update all the project info again.


Snapshots can be used to create disks or VMs. Snapshots are a photography of a particular state of the disk at a certain point of time. As such it is not necessary to restore them on a particular VM.

If you want to preserve the existing IP address the VM is using, you can always:

1) reserve the IP 2) delete the original VM 3) spin a new one from the snapshot and re-assign the original IP.

Certainly this procedure take a couple of steps, but if you think doing it directly would be beneficial, you can submit a feature request

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