I have the following configuration being hosted in Azure virtual servers.

Web Server 1 and 2 located in Data Center A and Web Server 3 located in Data Center B. Each server is hosting the same sites, but duplicated from the other servers.

When traffic comes in from the internet I want it to balance the traffic across all web servers. If Web Server 1 goes down or has issues with one web site I want it to shift all sites to Web Server 2 and or 3. If there is an issue with one site on Web Server 2 I want it to shift the load to Web Server 3 fully for all sites.


As mentioned by Batistuta, In Azure we can use Traffic Manager to distribute traffic to the available web site.
enter image description here
And traffic manager supports Priority traffic-routing method, Often an organization wants to provide reliability for its services by deploying one or more backup services in case their primary service goes down. The 'Priority' traffic-routing method allows Azure customers to easily implement this failover pattern. enter image description here
More information about traffic manager, refer to the link.

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