Whenever I login to my servercore server, the first thing i usually do is this:

powershell start-process powershell -verb runas

It's a little annoying to always write this whole sentence. can I somehow shorten this?

powershell start powershell -v runas

is the shortest version I can come up with. Is there a way to alias powershell to ps or posh or something in cmd? Or any other command that does this and doesn't take such a long time to write?


  • one idea that just came to my mind is function posh { start powershell -v runas } in my powershell profile so I can do powershell posh in cmd, but sometimes I don't want a PS Profile on my server, so any other ideas are more than welcome – SimonS Feb 17 '17 at 13:11
  • If you start in cmd.exe and you always want to start an elevated PowerShell prompt, you could create a .cmd batch file that contains the line and distribute it via Group Policy. – Bill_Stewart Feb 17 '17 at 14:51

You could autostart a batch with the command

@powershell start-process powershell -verb runas

There is no need for 3rd party tools - use doskey.exe.

doskey PS=powershell start-process powershell -verb runas 

And only enter PS in future. To have doskey available in every cmd instance insert an autorun in registry (and store your preferred macros in a file to preload)

I use this batch to automate this. If not present it creates a file aliases.txt in the userprofile folder, runs doskey with this file and generates a registry autorun entry to do this when cmd.exe runs.

@Echo off
Set "Aliases=%UserProfile%\Aliases.txt"
If Not Exist "%Aliases%" (
  Echo CDD=CD /D $*
  Echo X=Exit /b 0
  Echo clear=cls
  Echo Alias=Doskey $*
  Echo Aliases=Doskey /MACROS:ALL
  Echo mc=far
  Echo PS=powershell start-process powershell -verb runas
Doskey /Macrofile="%Aliases%"

Set "Key=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor"
Reg ADD "%Key%" /f /v AutoRun /t REG_SZ /d "Doskey /MacroFile=\"%Aliases%\""

There are keyboard macro tools you can run on your workstation. A hotkey can be programmed to send any key sequence you like, even if the active window is a RDP, SSH, whatever to a remote system. Specific product recommendations are prohibited on the site, unsure if this next sentence will be flagged/removed. If you look around, you may find one that can be abbreviated AHK.

  • I don't think production recommendations, AutoHotkey in this case, are prohibited.... It's that questions which are merely production recommendation requests are off-topic. Please do recommend a product if you feel it would benefit or suppliment your answer. – jscott Feb 17 '17 at 14:38

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