why can I get a WMI object using Get-CMBoundaryGroup, but not directly using Get-WmiObject? I get Invalid namespace "root\sms\site_CAS" when using Get-WmiObject

$boundaryGroup1 = Get-CMBoundaryGroup -Name 'BoundaryGroupName'
$class = $boundaryGroup1.ManagedObject.__CLASS #SMS_BoundaryGroup
$namespace = $boundaryGroup1.ManagedObject.__NAMESPACE #root\sms\site_CAS

$boundaryGroup2 = Get-WmiObject -Class $class -Namespace $namespace #Invalid namespace "root\sms\site_CAS" 
  • "invalid namespace". The namespace doesn't exist. – Bill_Stewart Feb 21 '17 at 17:12

The code is working properly in my test lab.

Based on your error code, I recommend you use the WMI Explorer to review your namespace. https://wmie.codeplex.com/

enter image description here

  • The namespace is not available for me. Apparently I need to run it on my primary site server. – David Klempfner Feb 21 '17 at 3:04

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