I'm a CA admin and I'm new to this field, Can any one explain the below scenario and explain the difference between them.

Scenario 1

System Admin creates a CSR file and give it to me... I will generate a certificate by CSR file and issue it back to System admin

Scenario 2

System admin select the option " create domain certificate " instead of CSR file.

What is the difference between them can anyone please explain this?


There is no difference, because "create domain certificate" option in IIS automatically creates CSR, submits it to CA server (ADCS) and installs it to web server. First option is manual process, second one is automatic.

  • So CA admin is not require to create and issue certificates? all the sys admin can do this to get certificates right... sorry if my question is silly..!! – azarhsaf Feb 22 '17 at 10:53

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